Sigrun Drapatz & Kiki Gebauer (Germany)

Artisti f’Residenza, 2022


Malta is a strategic base for shipping, trade and military in the Mediterranean. Malta has also been a place of refuge for centuries. Traces bear witness to a long history. A country on the edge of Europe that raises our questions. History is characterised by topographical locations. What traces can be named that crystallise history, away from the beaten path? What narratives are alive in the Maltese population? Which places carry meaning? Which landscape structures are made for landmarks?

With Spazju Kreattiv’s support, we will meet experts in Malta’s topographical, botanical, historical, heritage and architectural fields. Our goal is to create a map of Gozo as a “handout” to residency guests. This map will bear “our” tracks. We will bring our tools: cameras, colours and chalk. In our explorations, we mark, denote, and describe the places that seem important to us: squares, gardens, buildings, landscapes, workplaces, places of customs and of remembrance. Temporary installations are created. Photographically documented, they accompany our detective work.

Spazju Kreattiv Artists’ Residency programme is organised in collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster and the Ministry for Gozo