Joséphine A. Garibaldi & Paul Zmolek (USA)

Artisti f’Residenza, 2022


Joséphine A. Garibaldi and Paul Zmolek have been making inter-media performance
together as Callous Physical Theatre for over 30 years. Their ongoing artistic process
explores stories of a Sense of Place through collaboration with each other, with community,
with local creatives and with Place itself. As stated in their manifesto:

The work is of Place.
If it is out of Place, it is no longer the work.
Surrender to situation.
Let the work be in the Place it is.

Together, they will explore ‘stories’ of a Sense of Place particular to Gozo through various
mediums such as text, sound, visual and movement of the body to create a performance of
that work through a combination of live, film screening, and installation.

Spazju Kreattiv Artists’ Residency programme is organised in collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster and the Ministry for Gozo