What’s the strategy for the coming years?

 There are three simple points to keep in mind – Identity, Diversity and Legacy.

Let’s expand on these:



Creativity, art, and culture are different concepts related to one another. Who we are as a creative community depends on a clear understanding of the differences and overlaps between these three constructs.

Proposals that acknowledge creativity as their foremost concern will be viewed more favourably than others that do so less clearly.



Spazju Kreattiv seeks to present innovative work, encouraging creativity over other aspects of artistic expression. Simultaneously, as per the Fondazzjoni Kreattività‘s Mission Statement: we seek to act as ‘a catalyst for all forms of expression, by providing space and extending experience to reach all people and involve them in interactive participation.’

Proposals that engage new audiences as active participants and/or underrepresented formats of work are therefore deemed in line with this aspect of the strategic vision.



Knowing where we come from and what we are leaving behind are essential qualities of engagement with aspects of legacy. While being aware of our heritage and how this informs new work, it is also necessary that works presented at Spazju Kreattiv demonstrate what will be left behind. This will provide the opportunity for future generations to appreciate the creative efforts presented in our time.

Do you need further information?

We are sure that as creatives, you might have some (or many) queries. Be them conceptual or logistical, you may consider putting them forward during the one-to-one information workshops which will be provided on specific dates at a time when the call for proposals will be open. These session are called IKKREA, where such queries may be addressed and more information provided on what sort of proposals tend to catch our attention…

If you have some time on your hands, you might be interested in following what had been said in the IDE@ series of public discussions held throughout the past year – these will be online here very soon.