Spazju Kreattiv is host to a variety of venues and events. This section explains the key criteria applicants need to take into consideration when drafting the proposal. 

General (required):

Adherence to one or more aspects of the Centre for Creativity’s Strategic Vision (Diversity, Identity and Legacy as below)
– The applicant’s creative portfolio (as requested in online form)
– Use of space/resources in relation to the Centre for Creativity’s operations
– Cost effectiveness
– Inclusivity
– Innovation

KEYWORDS: budget, cost-effectiveness, space, portfolio. team, biographies, action plan, schematics, partners, funding.


– Purpose/aims of event (detail and clarity)
– National relevance to the county’s creative ecology
– International relevance (esp. export potential)

KEYWORDS: clarity, quality, creativity, art, culture, character, existence, appearance, content, brand, national relevance, internationalisation.


– Ability to engage participation of underrepresented creatives
– Provision of opportunities for underrepresented audience groups (i.e. audience development)
– Interdisciplinarity

KEYWORDS: difference, distinct, singular, engagement, opportunity, tolerance, dialogue, exchange, network


– Historical context (and/or research)
– Long-term preservation plans for documentation of work (archiving)
– Impact on contemporary sensibility in relation to the past and possible future/s (present impact)

KEYWORDS: heritage, future, contribution, share, inheritance, benefit, collection, memory, documentation, archiving.


If you have any questions, be them conceptual or logistical, you may consider putting them forward during the one-to-one information workshops – IKKREA  – which will be held over the coming months.