Kids Dig Science 2018/19

kids dig science - Hero

Kids Dig Science is coordinated by the Science in the City team at the Malta Chamber of Scientists. This season, the team will once again meet with the scientists to find out the latest in all things science, then cut it down to size for children above the age of 6. It was conceived to inspire curious little minds, to ignite their passions and foster creativity. If you’re looking for a way to inspire your children, Kids Dig Science is a must.

Last year the puppets faced serious problems and with the help of a highly dependable and somewhat rambunctious audience, helped avert a number of pretty big disasters. But it wasn’t all hard work, the kids got to experiment themselves, created unique art pieces, testing for acids and bases, simulating clouds and so much more. As always, the next season of Kids Dig Science promises great things, are your kids up to the challenge?

Creative Team: Karen Fiorini (coordinator), Dr Edward Duca (science communications consultant), Sean Briffa (puppeteer), Matthew Grech (experiments, games and crafts manager) and Sephora Schembri (poster design).

Kids Dig Science forms part of the STEAM @ Spazju Kreattiv programme of events.


Programme of Events

Powered by ADHD
Date and Time: Saturday, 20 October 2018, 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Studio A & B, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: €6

Now then, how do we go about explaining ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to kids? That’s up to our puppets to figure out and your kids to find out, in one of our most mindboggling adventures to date.


Date and Time: Saturday, 10 November 2018, 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Studio A & B, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: €6

There is so much that can be said for blood. It’s made up of four parts – plasma, red cells, white cells and platelets. Each part has a special job. Plasma is a yellow liquid that helps give you energy and grow. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your cells. How do you explain this to young children? Luckily, you don’t have to! Our puppets and scientists are here to break it down, through interactive theatre and hands on science experiments.


Properties of Materials
Date and Time: Saturday, 16 February 2019, 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Studio A & B, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: €6

Everything is made of matter and let’s face it, matter matters and its properties matter too! Got it? Ok, maybe best to start over. So… a material is an object made of matter and all materials have properties. Properties are the qualities that distinguish that material from others, size, colour, weight, density… Through the ages, people have been responsible for creating some pretty awesome materials. They continue to improve existing and invent new materials all the time.  How does this relate to Kids Dig Science? Simple, with the help of your aspiring scientists, we will make stuff that matters.


Weather Watch
Date and Time: Saturday, 16 March 2019, 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Studio A & B, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: €6

What does your perfect day look like? If you’re anything like me, you cherish those cloudy, rainy days complete with thunder and lightning. Oh and the colder the better.
Weather is the condition of our planet’s atmosphere and it’s constantly changing, so lucky for you guys my ideal grey, gloomy day can quickly change to a bright and sunny one.
Pack your sunscreen, swimsuits, hat, umbrellas, wellies, jackets and scarves and come see what the atmosphere will conjure up at Kids Dig Science.


Stop Cutting the Orchids
Date and Time: Saturday, 13 April 2019, 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Studio A & B, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: €6

There are around 40 species of orchids on the Maltese islands, they come in a myriad of colours and the oddest shapes, true beauties. Back in 2015, botanists discovered that a particular orchid spotted only in Malta was totally new to science. It grows only on this archipelago, isn’t that amazing! Unfortunately many of these species are extremely rare, some even thought to be extinct and all due to thoughtless human activity. Join us at Kids Dig Science to find out how to help protect these plants and put an end to further destruction of their habitat.