Fondazzjoni Kreattività: Our Projects


Spazju Kreattiv, Malta’s national Centre for Creativity, was founded in the year 2000 and is the central role of Fondazzjoni Kreattività.

A new strategic vision was launched in 2014 following the appointment of Dr Toni Sant as Spazju Kreattiv’s Artistic Director. The vision is based on three principles; Identity, Diversity and Legacy. Each year’s programme is aimed at reflecting these principles through the varied projects and events forming part of it, both within and outside the building of St James Cavalier in Valletta.

The current programme for Spazju Kreattiv can be found here

To discover how you can apply for the current call for proposals, click here


Now in its eight consecutive year, ŻiguŻajg is the annual International Arts Festival for children and young people, that has its eye on the positioning of the creative arts for children and young people at the core of Malta’s creative ecology.  

The annual combination of critically-acclaimed international projects combined with new Maltese productions has proven to be a successful formula. ŻiguŻajg is committed towards investing in new work for young audiences – making this festival an interactive and engaging one, through its accessible, inclusive and colourful artistic programme.

In other words, the third week of the month of November has come to mean one thing for children and young people: a celebration of arts and creativity – and that’s a straight line to the ŻiguŻajg Festival.



The Valletta International Visual Arts Festival (VIVA) is a Valletta-based visual arts festival, launched in 2014, and which aims to serve as a new platform for Maltese and international visual art practitioners, while further promoting and encouraging public participation in the arts.

Furthermore, one of its core aims is to provide professional guidance and education in the visual arts sector through a highly anticipated Curatorial School, run by several foreign esteemed curators, lecturers and artists.

This September, VIVA will continue to build on last year’s successful launch and particularly aims to boost growth in the local cultural scene in the international context. With a wide variety of local and international artists presenting recent work or collaborating in joint projects, VIVA is creating a network and collaborative experience that reaches far beyond the confines of both the festival and the city of Valletta.

Artists in Residence

The Artists in Residence programme is based on the concept of cultural immersion within the capital city of Malta – a port city with its seascapes, landscapes, soundscapes, and the various communities which inhabit it. 

The residences are hosted in order to enrich cultural diversity within the national creative scene, and to ensure that artists not based in Malta, and therefore are eligible to apply, can interact productively with creatives based in Malta and their local environments, be they physical or virtual.

The ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for personal and collective growth, especially in areas where broader exposure to types of work and creative expression have not yet left an indelible mark on the Maltese public.

The long-term goal is mutual benefit for the visiting and local Maltese creative who, through dialogue on the state of specific types of work in the country, and on the nature of emerging or underrepresented forms of creative work and audiences, can further develop their ideas and artistic skills.

Have a look at the Policy Handbook on Artists’ Residencies – Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Working Group of EU Member States Experts on Artists’ Residencies here