About the Fondazzjoni Kreattività

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Back in the year 2000…

National milestones come in various forms, although they do not occur all that often. But when they do, they are rarely ever forgotten. Such a milestone was reached in the year 2000, when the Government of Malta created an official entity which could take on the role of safeguarding a number of roles in Malta’s creative sector.

Fondazzjoni Kreattività was purposely created in August 2000 for the role, and was to function from within the thick walls of St James Cavalier, in Valletta.


….and where we stand today

The current Chairman of Fondazzjoni Kreattività is Rupert Cefai, with a board also made up of the following members:

Pauline Bartolo
Patrick Fenech
George Glanville
Dr Alex Vella Gregory
Dr Georgina Portelli
Dr Suzanne Psaila
Miriam Schembri
Mr Emanuel Spagnol
Dr Alex Saliba (secretary)


The four main aims

‘Each new situation requires a new architecture.’
Jean Nouvel

To act as a catalyst for all forms of expression, by providing space and extending experience to reach all people and involve them in interactive participation.

To establish itself as a centre for cultural exchange with other countries, thus cultivating a sense of cultural identity based on local dimensions and international diversity in the light of Malta’s development of cultural tourism.

To offer an ongoing dialogue between the various artistic disciplines, in such a way as to conduct and encourage research and documentation related to the arts and popular creativity, while fostering an aesthetic and cultural awareness among the younger generation.

To contribute to the country’s economic and social development and prosperity by promoting artistic creativity as an alternative means of entertainment, self actualisation and empowerment.