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Emerging Technologies in COVID Disinfection

Studios St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable society to biological hazards is. Dr. Sholeem Griffin will present her work on a novel method of disinfectant synthesis, that can help tackle pandemics, at the Malta Café Scientifique on December 7th at 7pm in Spazju Kreattiv.

Art Additives 2022/23

Art Additives is a series of talks, workshops and encounters developed around Spazju Kreattiv’s ongoing programme.


Spazju Kreattiv Kavallier ta' San Ġakbu, Pjazza Kastillja, Valletta

With Spazju Kreattiv continuing its open approach to programming and collaborations, the call for participation in the Spazju Kreattiv programme is a key tool for artists and creatives to approach the programme's team.

3D printing plastic from the source

Studios St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

How can we make 3D printing more efficient and environmentally friendly? Join Malta Café Scientifique’s event on February the 8th, 7pm, Studio B (Music room) at Spazju Kreattiv where Albert Curmi will be presenting his research on 3D printing.

Creating Artificial Hands: A quintessential engineering challenge

Studios St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

How many times have you used your hands today? Often enough we don’t know. Hands are one of the main reasons humans have ended up being such incredibly successful animals. Emulating these multi-purpose-tools is an ongoing quest for engineers.