Strangers in a Strange Land (A+F 2020)

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Strangers in a Strange Land (A+F 2020)

14 February 2020 - 8 March 2020

Dates: 14 February 2020 – 8 March 2020
Artists: Barumbara, Etienne Farrell and Charlene Galea, Roxman Gatt, Letta Shtohryn
Curator: Margerita Pulè

Strangers in a Strange Land is a multidisciplinary exhibition about being female in a world narrated by and designed for men. Visual and multidisciplinary artists react to the status quo of a male-oriented world.

Strangers in a Strange Land sees the world’s default as a man’s reality; our spaces, tools and narratives are designed to fit a man’s physicality and masculine behaviour. This show asks how patriarchal norms – many so ubiquitous that we are not even conscious of them – can be challenged effectively. How can the status quo in a male-oriented world be redefined systematically, soberly and successfully? And how can new ways of being be normalised to reflect a more balanced world. Artists explore how we can re-design, re-narrate and re-see what is said, and what is valued. What can a more feminine perspective contribute, and what does a feminine perspective mean in terms of physical, philosophical and societal outlooks? And does the bilateral depiction of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ exist, or to what extent is it a false construct?

The exhibition – produced by Unfinished Art Space – is hosted by MUŻA, Malta’s national community Fine Art Museum. It is part of Wikimedia Community Malta’s Art+Feminism 2020 Project, in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv, and is supported by Arts Council Malta’s Malta Arts Fund – Project Support Grant, as well as Express Trailers and Soroptimist International Malta.


Imagined more than Woman: Francesca Saraullo (Barumbara Collective)
Wednesday 12 February, 7pm – 9pm
Spazju Kreattiv Theatre

A movement workshop for all women, recalling the strong and the necessary connection between human and (pre)human. Working on personal and universal memory, the workshop puts a specific focus onto the female pelvic core and takes inspiration from the theory of dance according to French philosopher Daniel Sibonyas “…a movement in between two bodies: a ‘body-memory’ (‘corps-mémoire’) and a ‘body-present’ (‘corps actuel’).”


Imagined more than Woman: Barumbara Collective
Friday 14 February, 8pm
Saturday 15 February, 8pm
Sunday 16 February, 5pm
MUŻA, Valletta

An immersive performance which defies the limits of one’s self-perception. Barumbara Collective takes you on an inner journey that questions the boundaries that surround us as identities, an experiment at redefining the contours of a cultural space through a “female gaze”. The title, from a poem by Aphra Behn, hints at the several questions raised in this work related to gender roles, constructs, and expectations, and the language used to speak about them. What, then, are the implications of being a woman?


Artist Conversation: Etienne Farrell, Charlene Galea, Letta Shtohryn + Mirjana Batinić & Emma Fsadni
Friday 21 February, 7 pm
Community Room, MUŻA, Valletta

Etienne Farrell + Charlene Galea. A spotlight on the autocratic, dominating, sneaky, high and mighty. Performance artist Charlene Galea and visual artist Etienne Farrell work together to explore and recreate six arrogant and peremptory characters, whose false sense of strength depends on manipulating and intimidating others. As the work borders with the comic, it aims to artfully hint to the vulnerability of the characters involved, as their power comes not from within themselves, but depends entirely on the reactions of the people they encounter.


Curator’s Tour: Margerita Pulè
Sunday 23 February 3pm
Sunday 8 March 11:30am
MUŻA, Valletta

Strangers in a Strange Land’s curator, Margerita Pulè, gives a tour of the exhibition held at MUŻA.


My Womxn is a God My God is a Womxn: Roxman Gatt
Friday 28 February, 8pm
Saturday 29 February, 8pm
Community Room, MUŻA, Valletta

The intention of the work is to reclaim derogatory words used for women and celebrate their meaning through the means of movement and sound. Six songs have been written for this performance. The choreography is devised to go go alongside these songs as well as painting, video and sculptural works. Various clubbing gestures such as ‘windmill’, ‘head banging’, ‘cruising’, ‘moshing’, as well as the witch dance from Metropolis (1927) and the interpretation of the word ‘Slut’ were all referenced for the creation of the piece.

Performance – Roxman Gatt
Sound – Roxman Gatt
Choreography – Roxman Gatt, Sim Gray
Moving Image – Roxman Gatt, Sim Gray | Filming – Sunny
Dancers – Roxman Gatt, Sim Gray, Chyrsso Cosmas, Eleni Papazoglou, Rosalind Wilson


14 February 2020
8 March 2020
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