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MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts Festival 2019

4 July 2019 - 4 August 2019

Dates: Thursday 4h July – Sunday 4th August
Venue: Spazju Kreattiv
Price: Free

The MCAST ICA Festival emerged three years ago as a new approach to the annual exhibition held at the MCAST’s Institute for the Creative Arts.

By changing the tone of voice and turning the exhibition into a creative arts festival, our end-goal is to increase brand perception and create an event that builds hype and anticipation for years to come.

The ICA Festival will be working towards building a bridge between MCAST ICA and the community; this will result in a better understanding of who we are and what we do. The festival will celebrate creativity and act as a platform to showcase the student’s hard work and collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the industry.

The 2019 edition of the ICA Festival presents Distinct. Distinct is a reference to the varied skill-sets that students attending their respective courses, and through various apprenticeships and work experiences, have developed.

These acquired skill-sets combined with each student’s personality result in individual differences and diversity that are critical to any organisation’s success in today’s competitive world.


There will be a series of events throughout the whole month as follows:
30/07. 09:30 Conference: The future of the media. Digital vs. Print
31/07. 09:30 Conference: La Marca de un Candidato Prestigioso (Graphic Design & Politic)
01/08. 18.30 The importance of Documentation in Restoration
02/08. 09:30 Conference: Idea, Strategy and Design Development.
Past Events:
04/07. 19:30 Fashion Show
04/07. 20:00 Media Students Awards
04/07. 20:00 Meet the Artist
04/07. 20:00 The Hunchback of Seville
04/07. 20:30 Media Screening
05/07. 11:00-13:00; Media Screening
05/07. 19:00 Bookmaking workshop
05/07. 20:00 Finding Vivian Maier
05/07. 20:00 The Hunchback of Seville
06/07. 11:00-13:00; Media Screening
06/07 16:30-18:30
07/07. 11:00-13:00; Media Screening
07/07. 15:00-18:00; Board Game Demo
09/07. 18:00-19:00 Life after Drew
– Be a Hero Become a Donor:
Not a Closure but a Continuation
09/07. 19:00-20:00 The Product & Spatial Design
Award ceremony for a Product and/or
Spatial design student.
16/07. 10:00-12:00; Introduction to 3D printing
19/07. 10:00-11:30 Your Culture, Your Identity, Your Future
19/07. 19:00 MCAST Courses in the Creative Arts


4 July 2019
4 August 2019
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