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Space C, Spazju Kreattiv St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

The project is an introspective visual art exhibition by Clint Calleja, consisting of paintings, sculptures, photography and installations revolving around the theme of ‘Trauma and Memory’. The artworks will be unfolding through autobiographical recollections that remain imprinted in his memory. Unfortunately, most of these are of a traumatic nature.

Bil-Bieb Mitbuq

Spazju Kreattiv Theatre St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

Bil-Bieb Mitbuq is a theatre project with a contemporary vision. Based on Kevin Saliba’s Maltese translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Huis clos and directed by Tyrone Grima, this multidisciplinary production brings together literary translation, theatre, dance and sound.


Space A, Spazju Kreattiv St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

The continent known as Africa is a complex, intricate and unfathomable entity. There has always been this futile quest, particularly in the west, to totalize Africa. We are adequately informed, especially through the work of the multitude of creatives that operate from Africa and her Diaspora, that it is impossible to do so. So, in what ways are contemporary African artists expressing their many lived realities across a continent made up of fifty-four (54) countries in this current experience?

MET Opera Live: Kevin Puts’ The Hours (Encore)

Soprano Renée Fleming makes her highly anticipated return to the Met in the world-premiere production of Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Kevin Puts’s The Hours, adapted from Michael Cunningham’s acclaimed novel.



1877. On the cusp of turning 40, relentlessly laced into corsets by her exasperated staff, the uptight world of the Austrian monarchy is the last thing Empress Sisi (Vicky Krieps) cares about.



As far as they can remember, the Solé family have spent every summer picking the peaches from their orchard in Alcarràs, a small village in Spain.

Carnival Exhibition

Atrium / Atrium Approach / Upper Atrium

The time awaited by everyone has come and Spazju Kreattiv, together with Festivals Malta, will once again be doning the carnival colours and will be organising a number of activities in its surroundings. The programme will include an exhibition of carnival costumes as well as the mischievous Qarċilla that has come back to life in recent years.



Spazju Kreattiv Cinema St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

From producer-writer-director Todd Field comes TÁR, starring Cate Blanchett as the iconic musician Lydia Tár. Widely considered one of the greatest living composer/conductors and first-ever female chief conductor of a major German orchestra.


Holy Spider

Denmark’s Official Submission to the 2023 Academy Awards, HOLY SPIDER is a gripping and darkly atmospheric crime thriller inspired by the true story of Iran’s most notorious serial killer.

Spanish Film Days: O Que Arde

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

The story takes place in the province of Lugo, in the north west of Spain. It tells the story of Amador Coro, who has recently been released from prison after a conviction for arson. He returns to his home, where he will once again live with his elderly mother Benedicta. Their lives are spent in the quiet rhythm of rural life and nature. However, when a large forest fire devastates the area, tensions against him appear due to his arson conviction.

3D printing plastic from the source

Studios St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

How can we make 3D printing more efficient and environmentally friendly? Join Malta Café Scientifique’s event on February the 8th, 7pm, Studio B (Music room) at Spazju Kreattiv where Albert Curmi will be presenting his research on 3D printing.


The Fabelmans

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

A deeply personal portrait of a 20th century American childhood, Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans is a cinematic memory of the forces, and family, that shaped the filmmaker’s life and career. A universal coming-of-age story about an isolated young man’s pursuit of his dreams, the film is an exploration of love, artistic ambition, sacrifice and the moments of discovery that allow us to see the truth about ourselves, and our parents, with clarity and compassion.

Writers Asylum

Spazju Kreattiv Theatre St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

During the process of theatrical art therapy, the experiences of the Belarussian protest participants began to resonate with the second part of Adam Mickiewicz’s Forefathers’ Eve. The performance’s starting point are photographs taken by Zmicer Waynowski, a direct participant in the protests, who was able to capture all the main strands of these complex and dramatic events.

MET Opera Live: Giordano’s Fedora (Encore)

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

Umberto Giordano’s exhilarating drama returns to the Met repertory for the first time in 25 years. Packed with memorable melodies, showstopping arias, and explosive confrontations, Fedora requires a cast of thrilling voices to take flight, and the Met’s new production promises to deliver.

Special Valentine’s Film event – Edward Scissorhands

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

This Valentine’s Day delve into Tim Burton's modern day fairy tale staring Johnny Depp as the unfortunate, unfinished creation of a scientist (Vincent Price in one of his last on-screen roles) who died leaving him with blades for hands. Taken in by Dianne Wiest's kindly Avon lady Peg, Edward tries to adapt to suburban life. But despite the support of Peg's sympathetic daughter (Winona Ryder), his strangeness makes it impossible to fit in. A touching and terrifically staged fairy tale for adults.