EPHEMERA. Fireworks and Other Effects – Andrea Botto​

Artists in Residence, 2022

About the Project

EPHEMERA. Fireworks and Other Effects – Andrea Botto

Fireworks are born to enchant, amaze and terrify, to magically connect the earth with the sky. They are the result of a creative commitment to dominate and tame fire, modifying the elements for aesthetic purposes. I am attracted to fireworks by their ephemeral and iridescent character, but also by their extreme precision and plastic/sculptural aspect. Just like photography, they live through light. In some of the countries bordering the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece, Spain, Malta, France) we can find different traditional expressions of an ancient pyrotechnic art, the result of influences and cultural exchanges over the centuries. Since the early 1900s, an autonomous and particular pyrotechnic art has developed in Malta archipelago. Fireworks are widespread and integral part of local culture. Each village has at least one factory, most of the time two, which carries out the shows for the patron saint feasts which take place all year long. And all that is on a voluntary basis, because pyrotechnics is not a profession. The particular design of the Maltese ‘bombs’ is not only what can be seen in the sky, but is also expressed in their construction, the result of decades of material culture.