Atelier Francis Ebejer

Atelier Francis Ebejer has been brewing for quite a long time and stems from its predecessors Premju and then Proġett Francis Ebejer. Spearheaded by Teatru Malta, Atelier Francis Ebejer will bring together suitable applicants who are interested in forming part of this curated group of individuals to discuss, workshop, read, and critique theatre. The Atelier will take the form of an artist studio, and will be a petri dish of ideas for the newer generations but also a space for mentoring them and challenging them. The project’s main objective is to serve as a platform for open discussions on theatre which allows applicants to become participants in promoting our industry to a professional one. Teatru Malta’s Associate Artists together with the artistic directors of Teatru Malta, Spazju Kreattiv, and Teatru Manoel will collaborate on this with the aim to aid theatre-makers through means such as creating workshops, mentorships, script readings, and scene staging.