Artist in Residence 2019: Katarina Radovic

Katarina Radovic (SRB)

Artist in Residence, August – September 2019


About the Project

Palettes is envisaged as an exploration of the phenomenon of multicultural identities in Malta, seen through food and expressed in an artistic form. Katarina will be exploring Maltese identity through the repertoire of typical dishes, eaten in multicultural families in the Maltese islands. She will engage in discussions with the family members, taking photographs of them as well as of the associated dishes and/or particular groceries, spices, etc. and gathering short stories towards a text piece or an audio installation, which will accompany the photographs. This work will be giving a general overview of traditions and confomities versus personal histories, tastes and inclinations, as well as the reflection of the colourful daily life of the local people.


About the Artist

Katarina Radovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She studied History of Art at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK in the 1990s and acquired the BA Degree in Photography from the Academy of Arts ‘BK’ in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2006. As a free-lance artist she has participated in a number of solo and collective exhibitions and festivals in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Egypt, Japan, Senegal, USA, etc. She received the Kultur Kontakt Artist-in-Residence grant in Vienna in 2007 and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) grant for the realization of the project Until Death Do Us Part in 2009.

Her photographic work consists of unique researches into identity, (self)-presentation, human relationships and communication, as well as cultural differences, and is often permeated with theatre, irony and humour. She is also interested in design, publishing, translation and curatorial work.

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