Artist in Residence 2021: Cédrine Scheidig

Cédrine Scheidig (France)

Artist in Residence, 2021

About the Project


INSULAR is a photographic project which proposes to investigate creatively the experience of new coming migrant workers in the periphery of Valletta. Focusing on the way migration and mobility constantly reshape the visual imaginaries of the city, the artist will explore thematics of identity, diaspora and cultural hybridation within the specific topography and temporality of the Maltese space.

About the Artist

Cedrine Scheidig is a French-Caribbean photographer and videographer based in Paris, France. Trained at the French National School of Photography in Arles, her artistic work, which is documentary-based and very open to curatorial practices, investigate the contemporary concerns of diasporic beings. Exploring cross-cultural identities and personal narratives, her imagery addresses a wide range of thematics such as colonial history, modern mobilities, relationship to nature and self-discovery.

Photo: Aude Carleton