Artist in Residence 2019: April Philips


April Philips (AU, SCO)

Artist in Residence, November 2019


About the Project

Niftakru l-Logħob / Remembering Play
Niftakru l-logħob / Remembering play is centred around the cultural revival of Żibeg, a game commonly played by girls with glass beads. This residency will work closely with Maltese and Gozitan communities, guided by living memory and oral histories. April will facilitate a series of workshops for young participants to creatively respond to cultural heritage through illustration, comics and play. The next generation is invited to inform the evolution of Żibeg, through supported sessions where new games are created in collaboration with Elders.

April spent time in Gozo in 2017 under the Off The Beaten Track summer field school, an Anthropology program which supports immersive applied research. This residency builds upon April’s existing relationships and initial research, and seeks to share findings, open dialogue for consultation and celebrate the traditional  game of Żibeg. The creative outcomes of the residency will be made available for wide distribution at ŻiguŻajg, the annual Maltese International children’s festival.


About the Artist

April Phillips is a Wiradjuri-Scottish illustrator, researcher and arts educator based on the East Coast of Australia. Working as an independent practitioner, and audience specialist April travels far and wide to work with young people in collaboration with national art institutions and organisations. April is working towards new modes of visual storytelling and character design in comic book formats to deliver key messages in conjunction with modes of education and learning.