Artistic Director’s note

Artistic Director’s note

‘The Heart of Creativity’ is the ethos on which Spazju Kreattiv will establish its artistic vision for the upcoming years. In my new role I have been working tirelessly with my excellent and dynamic team to provide you with the best programme forged from different activities, despite all the difficulties and challenges posed by the pandemic. In fact, the programme that we are presenting here is part of a continuous process that seeks to promote artistic excellence, a direct activity with the communities and various other groups, and international collaborations. These are the strategic principles that we will concentrate our work on in order to reach the desired levels expected by the national entity for creativity.

With more than 400 initiatives and 320 different collaborations, this year’s programme will offer diversity of 17 creative artforms for everyone’s taste. The chosen projects will be showcasing the work by established artists, initiatives from budding creatives, events organised in collaboration with other public cultural entities, voluntary organisation and various communities, and partnerships with international partners.

During the past months, there was a clear approach to present such initiatives not just with a solid creative base, but also address social themes that are pertinent to our audience, with the aim to create opportunity for a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions.

Whilst we will be working to improve the physical experience for those who attend the projects in our premises, this year we will be presenting a holistic online platform as well, which will offer interactive opportunities for those who prefer to experience the activities in a virtual way. In this aspect, the programme will look to reach a wider audience thanks to a series of virtual tours of exhibitions, online art galleries, exclusive audiovisual features with collaborating artists, opportunities to watch on demand theatre performances, transmissions of online discussions, streamed podcasts, interactive archives of past works and much more.

All in all, our work will lead to Spazju Kreattiv being truly the platform where arts and creativity are much more accessible and of relevance not only for the creative sector but also to other local and international communities. Heartfelt thanks to all the collaborating artists, the strategic partners, our audiences and those others who will form part and live this creative experience with us.

Daniel Azzopardi